Intercultural Training Specialist 

We are in search of a unique candidate to join our dynamic Intercultural Leadership team. The successful candidate will be an experienced technical leader with a high degree of knowledge in the field and recognized expertise in specific areas.  The job description is listed below.  To apply for this position visit and input Job #23157.


We are in search of a unique candidate to join our dynamic Intercultural Leadership team. This position reports to the Director of CIL. The successful candidate will be an experienced technical leader with a high degree of knowledge in the field and recognized expertise in specific areas. Problem-solving frequently requires analysis of unique issues/problems without precedent and/or structure. May manage programs that include formulating strategies and administering policies, processes, and resources. Functions with a high degree of autonomy. Serves as liaison with campus and community groups who have interest in the field of intercultural communication. The position will have some or all of the following responsibilities:

Program/Curriculum Design, Planning and Delivery

• Designs and facilitates workshops on intercultural education topics for multiple audiences
• Researches and designs new workshop curriculum for all CIL audiences — primarily intercultural education topics, but also including topics in the areas of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and
Social Justice.
• Improves design of current intercultural professional development workshops for staff, student and corporate/non-profit populations
• Actively participates in long-range strategic planning for I-House intercultural education and training programs
• Coordinates instructor objectives with methods of instruction;
• Stays up to date on current methodologies, theories, tools, and research in the intercultural education field. Continuing professional development required. Evaluation and Research: Continually conducts program evaluation
• Establishes evaluation criteria for measuring desired results and impact
• Researches similar existing programs at other institutions
• Conducts relevant intercultural research at International House, as needed

Administrative Duties

• Ensures each initiative and program has a project plan; leads projects toward timely execution
• Carries out various logistical duties with regard to program delivery, including but not limited to: monitoring program enrollment, preparing sign-in sheets, reserving space, arranging catering,
• Actively completes multiple projects’ tasks in accordance with agreed-upon project plans, and in conjunction with CIL staff
• Develops, prepares and reconciles budget for program(s)
• Orders supplies, improves resource library, and maintains office environment

Marketing and Outreach

• Prepares proposals for, and presents at, relevant professional conferences (e.g., NAFSA, WISE, NACADA, NACE, NASPA, etc.)
• In conjunction with CIL staff and the I-House Communications team, helps to create marketing materials for CIL in print and electronically
• Strategizes with CIL staff and Communications team to create and deliver consistent and effective messaging to constituents
• Promotes I-House intercultural education and training programs on and off campus;
• Develops relationships with on- and off-campus constituents to recruit participants to attend CIL training opportunities
• Builds and maintains relationships with outside (non-campus affiliated companies and organizations)
• Coordinates activities and materials designed to promote awareness of CIL within the campus community and to the general public

Requirements and Qualifications

• Bachelor’s degree in related area and/or equivalent experience and training
• Three to five years of Intercultural Training in a university/higher education, non-profit, corporate or government setting.
• Clear and precise English speaking and writing proficiency required
• Courteous and professional demeanor with composed personality and responsive disposition
• Ability to understand and serve a highly diverse resident and client population
• Three references required at the time of application

Preferred Qualifications

• Master’s degree in Intercultural Communications or related field from accredited university
• Experience designing and delivering programs in the field of Diversity, Equity and inclusion and Social Justice.
• Experience administering intercultural tools such as the GCI, IES, IDI, ICS, etc.
• Working knowledge of UC Berkeley campus, colleges, schools and departments and their services and functions
• Ability to speak, read and write at least one language other than English


Hiring Range: $4483.33 minimum – 6825.00 midpoint monthly
Other Requirement
Criminal Background Check Required
The is a contract position ending one year from date of hire with the possibility of extension