Grace Michel, Assistant Director & Intercultural Training Specialist

Grace Michel

Grace Michel, M.A. is an Intercultural Training Specialist for the Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership (CIL). She is an experienced facilitator and educator with a deep commitment to building a more inclusive, just, and peaceful world. She has extensive experience in intercultural education, leadership development, and peacebuilding and has worked primarily as a trainer/facilitator, program director, and consultant. Prior to joining CIL, Grace worked in Myanmar where she designed teacher-training and curriculum to promote peaceful coexistence and conducted education policy research. Previously, she served as the Assistant Director of the Center for Peace and Commerce at the University of San Diego, encouraging social entrepreneurship and responsible business as a force for positive social impact. Grace also worked for three years in Peru as a community educator and international service learning program director. Grace received an M.A. in Peace and Justice Studies and a Certificate in Peace and Global Education from the University of San Diego, and a B.A. in International Relations from Claremont McKenna College.