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Two-week intensive program. Equips students with tangible skills to effectively lead and work on innovative global teams.

  • Develop skills to study or work in a global setting
  • Understand and identify different styles of leadership
  • Practice leading with different styles
  • Understand how cultural values influence the way we lead and follow
  • Learn how leadership and cultural values connect to innovation
  • Prepare to lead and work on global and multicultural teams
  • Learn about US culture
  • Experience the UC Berkeley campus
  • Receive certificate of completion



Dates & Location

July 22 – August 2, 2019 UC Berkeley Campus


Please email for a detailed syllabus. For instructor bios, click here 



Bowles Hall is a 10-minute walk from International House and sits next to the UC Berkeley Stadium and the famous Greek Theatre in Berkeley. Students will have access to double rooms, a shared bathroom, and common areas. For more information, visit


Berkeley Student Cooperative (BSC) offers low cost housing options for international students during the summer. There are multiple housing options available through BSC. Visit, for more details. Things to consider:

  • You can decide if you want to live in a house or an apartment. However, BSC will select your room. You cannot choose your own roommate or flat mates.
  • Because it is a co-op, you will have to contribute 2-3 hours of housework per week.
  • All accommodation payment is processed directly with the BSC.
  • Advisors through the BSC will guide you through the registration and move-in process. They will also be your main point of contact should you have any issues or concerns during your stay.
  • You will have purchase your own bedding. A bed and desk will be provided. There are stores nearby where bedding and other personal items can be purchased.
  • You will be paying for a 6-week term. This means, you can choose to stay before or after the dates of the Global Leadership & Social Innovation Program. You do not have to be enrolled in a program during this time. If you’d like to extend your stay in Berkeley and San Francisco, you are free to do so.

Please check back for additional accommodation options in October 2019.



Contact for more information. Includes: 2-week training / 30+ hours of instruction

ACCOMMODATION (not included in tuition)

Contact for more information on accommodation options and rates.

UC Berkeley Residence Halls All resident halls include 3-meal packages

Berkeley Student Cooperative (BSC)

Bowles Hall Residence includes 3-meal packages

MEAL PLAN (not included in tuition)

$200 / 2 meals per day for 2 weeks *Meals at International House are not mandatory.

TRANSPORTATION (not included in tuition)

All transportation must be arrange by student. Airfare: Airfare will vary in price, we recommend to find the cheapest airfare. Ground transportation: You can access the UC Berkeley campus from SFO or OAK via BART (public transit) or by taxi/Uber/Lyft. From SFO BART one-way fares are approximately $5.90USD. From OAK BART one-way fares are approximately $2.20USD. BART is recommended and is the cheapest option, visit to learn more about schedules/pricing. Taxi/Uber/Lyft vary in price depending on your time of arrival. While these are the most convenient options, they are more expensive.

ADDITIONAL EXCURSIONS (not included in tuition)

There are many things to do in San Francisco and Berkeley – diverse cuisines, sightseeing at Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge, hiking, sailing in the bay, museums, and many more! Prices for excursions range depending on group size. Excursions must be arrange by the student but we can provide assistance with group ticket purchases and recommendations. Visit to plan your stay in the San Francisco and Berkeley. If you are interested in visiting Alcatraz, we encourage you to purchase tickets at 3-months in advance. NOTE Payment for tuition/meals/accommodation/transportation/and excursions will be made separately. Payment for tuition and meals will go to International House, UC Berkeley. Payment for accommodation will go to UC Berkeley Events & Conference Services OR Berkeley Student Cooperative (BSC), depending on your housing choice.