As U.S. companies expand globally, they are wrestling more and more with incentivizing and retaining talented personnel to staff their offices abroad, and attracting top talent from abroad to work in the U.S.  In the rush to do things efficiently it is crucial to prepare new employees for the unique challenges they will face living and working in an unfamiliar context and culture.  CIL consultants not only have the training to prepare your mobile workforce; we ourselves have also spent years living and working abroad.







Our Global Mobility services will: 

  • Help employees effectively navigate and lead through ambiguity that comes with working in a new culture
  • Provide frameworks and skills for understanding and managing culturally different behavior
  • Enhance employees’ ability to build trust, establish credibility, and communicate effectively across cultures
  • Mitigate the potential loss of clients and global reputation damage that results from a failure to understand the local market and culture


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