Too often in global business, “global leadership” in practice means U.S.-style leadership done outside the U.S.For understandable reasons, companies tend to select leaders based on technical skill and talent first. By itself this isn’t a problem, as long as companies take the next logical step of developing leaders’ abilities beyond the technical. This has always been important, but never more so than now, as leaders find themselves leading people from an ever-wider range of cultural backgrounds.

Working effectively across cultures requires a set of skills and competencies rarely developed intentionally and systematically as part of companies’ L&D efforts. Keen awareness of one’s own cultural biases doesn’t come naturally. Neither does in-depth understanding of how culture shapes the thoughts and behaviors of colleagues or a host of other competencies vital to global leadership. Yet these competencies are imperative to global success.

Our  Global Leadership Programs will allow you to:

  • Develop concrete skills for managing and influencing colleagues and stakeholders from all cultural backgrounds
  • Learn new strategies for creating excellence by leveraging the strengths of a diverse team


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