Get Global Ready: Thriving in an Intercultural Workplace

Group of business team discussing ideas and documents in office during staff meeting

To develop an effective and agile team, staff must be able to collaborate with a wide range of people. As companies, organizations and universities are becoming more and more global, understanding different cultural styles is paramount, as is making constructive efforts to bridge significant gaps in these various styles. The Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership at UC Berkeley offers a 3 hour workshop that will enhance your leadership skills, performance and team development. Participation in this workshop also provides you with the following:

• Access to an online survey called GlobeSmart®

• Receive a personalized profile of your preferred intercultural work style

• Ability to compare your profile to the average profile from another country and/or other individuals in your workplace

Having completed the GlobeSmart® profile as pre-work, you will then attend the workshop to gain increased cultural self-awareness, greater understanding of other styles and experience style-switching to explore how you can adapt for more effective intercultural interactions. The goal is that you return to your workplace with stronger intercultural awareness, knowledge and skills, leading to a more productive and inclusive workplace environment.

We offering open enrollment workshops in 2017. To learn more or to speak with a consultant, visit our website at or email