Global Competence Demystified: Designing and Delivering Impactful and Measurable Learning

We’re honored and excited to be hosting two workshops at the APAIE Conference in Singapore this year.

Sunday, 25 March 2018, 0900 – 1200hrs
Global Competence Demystified: Designing and Delivering Impactful and Measurable Learning
Description: Empowering future-ready graduates requires equipping them with the skills needed to work effectively across cultural difference. For decades the primary means employed by institutions of higher education has been study abroad, which has largely operated under the assumption that simply bringing students into contact with unfamiliar cultures will furnish them with what they need to succeed in the 21st Century global workplace.

The 2009 Georgetown Consortium study thoroughly debunked this myth, showing conclusively that only through specific, targeted interventions can meaningful gains be made in students’ intercultural competence. This has left international educators across the globe searching for ways to design and deliver the sorts of interventions that will make the biggest difference for their students. This in turn has yielded a hodgepodge of mostly partial efforts, often not well informed by learning theory.

Our workshop aims to bridge this gap, by (a) introducing participants to activities that target specific intercultural competencies — those of the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES), (b) showing how these activities advance the specified competencies, (c) giving participants the experience of these activities, and (d) equipping participants with best practices for the effective design, delivery and improvement of global competency development for their students.

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Tuesday, 27 March 2018, 1100 – 1145hrs
Managing Conflict across Cultures: Preparing Our Graduates for Global Diversity
Description: New technologies continue to enable global workers to collaborate more closely. The upside of this opportunity comes with one big risk: as recent graduates encounter more colleagues, partners, vendors, etc., with widely different cultural backgrounds, what tools will they have for dealing with the most fundamental source of human tension: conflict?

In this session, we will address this question and more by discussing four conflict styles grounded in recent intercultural leadership research, and by developing strategies for bridging differences. Participants will gain an understanding of how they can better equip their students for the ever-more-diverse global workforce.

We will also look at how technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, when paired with awareness of conflict style differences across cultures, hold unprecedented promise for facilitating students’ and young workers’ skill-building in the realm of conflict management across cultures, and in related areas around cultural difference. Specifically, we will look at AI-based avatars as a low-risk, high-reward tool for building these skills.

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