Global Leadership Workshop: UC Berkeley, International House - March 7 2017

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As companies and organizations are becoming more and more global, understanding different cultural styles is paramount, as is making constructive efforts to bridge significant gaps in these various styles.

The 3-hour workshop is designed to equip professionals in a multicultural workplace with practical tools for enhancing leadership and team-building skills across cultures. Come learn how to lead more effectively and leverage the diversity on your team for optimal organizational success both in process and output.

Learning Outcomes

  • Enhance your awareness of your own and others’ intercultural work style preferences;
  • Improve your ability to adapt behavior in ways that further collaboration and success;
  • Gain skills and knowledge for creating a more productive, innovative, and inclusive workplace;
  • Access an online personal assessment tool called GlobeSmart® ($119 value).
  • Receive a personalized profile of your preferred intercultural work style through GlobeSmart®.
  • **For groups: You will have the opportunity to compare your profile to the average profile from another country and/or other individuals in your workplace.

Questions? Email Miranda Loos,

Who Should Attend

HR Leaders
D&I Specialists
Directors and Managers
Mid-level to senior-level Professionals


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“This workshop helped me both recognize cultural differences in the workplace and learn strategies for communicating and working more effectively with my team.” ~ Participant in the Get Global Ready workshop
“This workshop was a fun and interactive experience with tools that provided a useful way to look at cultural differences and how to bridge the gap.” ~ Participant in the Get Global Ready workshop