Healing the Divide: Tools for Addressing Polarization and Conflict

We’re excited to be delivering a pre-conference workshop at the NASPA Annual Conference on March 4th!

Ever-greater political, racial, and socio-economic polarization within our communities and on our campuses has introduced new challenges that we, as educators, need to address. One such challenge is the conflict created by this polarization. Successfully and productively managing this conflict requires a creative approach and skill set, so that we may prepare ourselves and our students to effectively communicate and engage across difference. In this interactive workshop, participants will develop skills on how to suspend judgments/assumptions and seek new perspectives. Participants will also explore four conflict styles grounded in recent intercultural leadership research, and develop strategies for bridging differences. Participants will gain an understanding of how they can better equip their students to effectively lead and engage across difference.

Workshop Learning Outcomes: 
– Accurately interpret the statements and actions of people with different intercultural conflict styles
– Recognize and manage the emotional challenges of conflict as they occur
– Appreciate styles that differ from your own
– Adapt your communicative approach for more effective conflict management
– Apply a tool to suspend judgement and see new perspectives

Learn more: https://conference2018.naspa.org/