High-Performing Teams Workshop - Feb 13th

In any organization, communicating and collaborating effectively are paramount. It’s important that, as professionals and leaders, we make intentional and strategic efforts to bridge differences in communication and the way individuals work together as a team. Part of that process is recognizing that our culture influences how we communicate and behave at work, as well as our perceptions of behaviors that differ from our own. By building awareness of our own default communication and work style, we can learn when and how to adapt behavior to collaborate more effectively with others, more efficiently achieve tasks and execute well on projects, build and maintain trust, and enhance overall team performance and productivity.

This workshop is designed to equip you with practical tools that will:

  • Enhance your awareness of your own and others’ communication and work style preferences;
  • Understand how culture influences these preferences and shape our perceptions of others’ behaviors that differ from our own;
  • Explore how are brains are wired to respond to cultural difference and can cause cultural bias in the workplace;
  • Identify how differences in communication and workstyle preferences play out in a workplace context and how they can cause inefficiencies;
  • Gain strategies and skills to know when and how to adapt behavior in ways that further collaboration, inclusion, efficiency and productivity.

Questions? Email Miranda Loos, mloos@berkeley.edu

*This event will be filmed without audio for marketing purposes. If you do not want to be filmed, simply let us know before the start of the workshop.



Wednesday, Feb 13th 10am – 4pm (lunch included)


International House @ UC Berkeley
2299 Piedmont Ave., Berkeley, CA 94720



Who Should Attend

  • Managers
  • Individual contributors
  • HR professionals
  • Diversity and Inclusion professionals
  • Executives
  • Mid-level to senior-level Professionals



Read facilitator bios here – http://cil.berkeley.edu/about-us/



“This workshop helped me both recognize cultural differences in the workplace and learn strategies for communicating and working more effectively with my team.” ~ Participant in previous workshop

“This workshop was a fun and interactive experience with tools that provided a useful way to look at cultural differences and how to bridge the gap.” ~ Participant in previous workshop