Inclusive leadership: Micro-practices for every professional

Sunday, April 8 @ 9am
JW Marriott Marquis Miami

Workshop Description:
As professionals and practitioners working in the throngs of global and multicultural education, we have a special role to play in modeling inclusive leadership from the inside out. How do we build a supportive and inclusive culture, not only for the diverse student body that we serve, but among fellow colleagues? What are the hidden biases, assumptions, and stereotypes that unconsciously and consciously drive our behavior when working with others?

This highly interactive workshop is designed for any professional/practitioner who is interested in developing their inclusive leadership practice. Examples of tools and activities include: the Receive-Ask-Summarize-Appreciate (RASA) model for deep listening, the Redline/Greenline model for managing challenging emotions, and various activities around unconscious bias.  Participants will engage in group work, discussions, simulations and activities that will strengthen deep listening skills, enhance communication strategies, better manage biased judgements, and increase emotional intelligence.

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