NAFSA Regional Workshop in Sacramento!

NAFSA Regional Workshop, Sacramento

Pre-Conference Workshop: Managing Conflict across Cultures

Tuesday, 10/24 from 1-5pm



Conflict can interfere with productivity and work satisfaction, and can affect bottom-line outcomes. How can we deal with conflict and lead most effectively? How does culture influence how we approach conflict? How is our own style similar to or different from those in our workplace?

In this interactive, skill-building workshop, we will address these questions and more by discussing four conflict styles grounded in recent intercultural leadership research, and develop strategies for bridging differences using highly interactive methods. Participants will be equipped with tools for resolving conflict more effectively, which will ultimately result in more effective and inclusive international education communities.

Learning Objectives:

1.) Understand how culture influences how we perceive, think, and behave in conflict situations

2.) Identify four distinct styles of dealing with conflict and begin to accurately interpret the statements/actions of people with different conflict styles by understanding the values driving those behaviors

3.) Recognize and manage the emotional challenges of conflict and stereotypes of other conflict styles as they occur and appreciate styles that differ from your own

4.) Develop strategies and skills for adapting your communicative approach as appropriate during the conflict