Global DEI in Action: Skills for a Culture of Belonging

Global DEI in Action

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When people feel like they belong, they achieve great results — together.

Are you and your team equipped with the skills to collaborate effectively in a diverse workplace?

Do you have strategies in place to leverage diversity as an asset?

Does your organization truly feel like a place where all are included and belong?

This interactive, virtual workshop series equips you with skills for addressing key DEI challenges and creating a culture of belonging.

Session 1: Training Your Brain for Inclusion

Two-hour live virtual workshop

The human brain makes it hard to be inclusive. Gain tools for overriding the fight / flight / freeze response and activating your higher, more inclusive brain. Learn tools for interrupting biases and assumptions in your daily team and employee interactions to facilitate belonging.

Session 2: Inclusive Communication and Collaboration

Two-hour live virtual workshop.

Communicating and collaborating are challenging in the best of times. Virtual communicating, necessitated by COVID-19, is even more demanding. Identify how diverse communication and work styles show up in your workplace and practice skills to help them all feel included.

Session 3: Managing Conflict on Diverse Teams

Two-hour live virtual workshop.

We all deal with conflict differently, and much of that is shaped by culture and identity. Learn about four intercultural conflict styles and how to de-escalate conflicts when styles differ.

Session 4: Leading Courageous Dialogues

Two-hour live virtual workshop

Conversations around DEI topics are often uncomfortable. It takes focus and skill to create and sustain environments for productive and inclusive conversations, so that all voices are heard, valued, and respected.

Please stay tuned for information on future dates.


  • Individual contributors who want to develop skills to communicate and work effectively on diverse teams
  • HR professionals looking for concrete skills in DEI
  • Learning and Development professionals looking for concrete skills in DEI
  • Managers and leaders who want to leverage the strengths of their diverse team members