Spotlight: Peer to Career

African American woman taking an interview of a woman

Study abroad and employability; a trending topic in the International Education world.  More recently, educators, administrators, and organizations have been turning their attention to the more practical learning outcomes of the study abroad experience and how this enhances students’ employability and career readiness.   However, the question or challenge seems to be on how best to assess those learning outcomes and then how to coach students on the articulation of their experience in a career context.   At the Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership (CIL) at UC Berkeley, we’ve designed a program geared towards preparing students to communicate their experience on a deeper level that is relative to what employers are looking for in a candidate and gain a deeper understanding of their experiences so they can apply them throughout their career and intercultural interactions.

CIL recently launched a partnership with UC Berkeley Study Abroad to implement a re-entry program called “Peer to Career.”  In this program, our Intercultural Training Specialists work with the Peer Advisors at the Study Abroad office and coach them on how they can mentor their peers in a career context.  This 2-day workshop starts with the exploration of human perception, culture, self-awareness, and difference.  The workshop concludes with experiential exercises in which they apply their own intercultural experiences.  The Peer Advisors gain an understanding of how to articulate the skills they have developed through their own study abroad experiences, learn how to market these skills to employers and apply them in the job search, and are equipped to advise peers so that they can enhance their employability.

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