Student Development

A new solution to global competence development

Giving your students what they need to maximize their virtual internship and study abroad experience just got a lot easier.

CILP’s pre-departure, onsite, and re-entry online modules use best-in-class learning techniques to equip your students with key skills for navigating unfamiliar environments — allowing them to increase their global competence in a cost-effective, time-efficient way.

You can use the modules as they stand, or integrate them into your existing courses. You can also bundle the CILP modules with value-added tools to further measure and accelerate increases in global competence.

Value-added Option 1: Measure gains in global competence

Developed by the Kozai Group, the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES) is a statistically valid and reliable self-assessment. In just 15 minutes, students finish the survey and receive a report, complete with an action plan that enables them to maximally leverage their learning experiences for global competency development.

In combination with the online modules, using the IES as a pre- and post- assessment allows you to track and report student gains in global competency from their participation in virtual internships and study abroad experiences.

Learn more about the IES from our partner, Aperian Global.

Value-added Option 2: Accelerate gains with GlobeSmart®

Developed by our partners at Aperian Global, GlobeSmart® is a tool that helps enhance learners’ skills in working effectively across cultures through the GlobeSmart Profile℠ and Culture Guides.

The GlobeSmart Profile is a survey tool that provides users with awareness of their work style preferences along five dimensions, and allows them to compare their preferences with team members and with national cultural averages. The Culture Guides provide culture-specific information and advice for working effectively in 99 cultures. Topics include communication, relationship-building, working with colleagues, protocol, leading people, and more.

In conjunction with the online modules and with the virtual internship experience itself, the GlobeSmart Profile℠ and Country Guides offer learners important additional information and context to enhance their long-term learning and transferable skill development. More information is available on the GlobeSmart® website.

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