Our Approach

We believe learning through active experimentation and reflection is the most powerful and effective way to develop global competence. All of our educational experiences and workshops are participant-driven and interactive. Learners engage in facilitated simulations, intentionally-designed activities, interactive theater, and even immersive virtual reality experiences, drawing upon their own experiences and strengths to co-create the learning experience. They have the opportunity to develop strategies with thoughtful and professional feedback, and practice skill-building in a safe, low-risk environment.

Global Competence is…

The knowledge, attitudes, and skills required to positively engage and collaborate effectively in environments of high diversity, uncertainty and change.  

A globally competent individual:

  • Develops self awareness and recognizes and appreciates diverse perspectives, worldviews, and ways of being in the world 
  • Examines and analyzes local, global, and intercultural issues, and exercises curiosity and a continuous learning posture in these domains 
  • Engages positively, respectfully, and effectively with others who are different from them 
  • Stewards power responsibly and towards positive impact for a more peaceful and just world

Our Global Competence Offerings

In-person offerings:

  • Global Leadership for the 21st Century: A semester-long experiential course offered to UC Berkeley students and International House residents
  • Global Leadership and Innovation: A 2-week intensive experiential learning program offered to students from around the world and from different institutions.
  • Global Competence Training for Teachers: An interactive, day-long professional development workshop for teachers working in a multicultural classroom or those interested in demonstrating global competence in the classroom. Includes an immersive, skill-building experience through the use of virtual reality and AI simulations.

Online offerings: